About Us

Sabukostore.com is an online store of the Society for Nature Conservation – Sabuko. SABUKO takes full responsibility for the reliability and quality of the products, as each product is created by SABUKO team and selected carefully. Besides, here you can find items and services that were not available in the Georgian market before.

We believe that Sabukostore.com will make the activities and lives of its customers simpler and more diverse.

Sabuko was founded in 2014 and is the official partner of BirdLife International in Georgia. Its mission is to protect, conserve and restore wildlife and habitats in the country.

Sabukostore.com is a new opportunity for Sabukostore to find additional resources to save species and landscapes, empower locals, and raise awareness. As you buy Sabukostore.com products, you are automatically contributing to the protection and conservation of Georgian wildlife.