The list of products entered in the description as “pre-order” is not in stock at To purchase it, it is necessary to place the order the same way as in the case of other products in stock.

Before placing the order  shows the approximate time of delivery of the product, however, does not take responsibility for its late shipment.

  1. The product can be changed/returned only in the following cases:

a) the product has physical damage (ex. broken)

b) the product has a factory defect;

c) the characteristics of the product do not match/differ from the characteristics described on the website;

d) A product was received mistakenly.

In any of the above cases, the buyer is obliged to inform the company about the given situation within 12 hours after receiving the product. The following circumstances should be considered:

  1. The product to be returned must meet the following criteria:

a) it must not be washed;

b) it must not be used;

c) it must not be damaged.

  1. Inspecting the returned product:
  2. a) The product to be returned is inspected at by the relevant staff.
  3. b) If the product meets the return criteria, the store sends a new, defectless product to the customer or refunds it upon request.
  4. c) If the product does not meet the return criteria and/or it was found that the customer deliberately misled the company representative, providing incorrect information, or damage is caused by the customer’s negligence, the company is entitled not to keep the product and refuse to refund. In this case, the customer must go to the warehouse and pick up the product returned by him/her.
  5. If the customer does not report the defect of the product within 12 hours after the receipt, the product is considered defectless and the customer loses the right to replace it or compensate for any damage.